Ladies, imagine showing up at the airport with one bag, your purse, and no baggage fees. It can happen with the ultimate guide to packing a carry on for women.

Get Comfortable On Board

The best way to enjoy your flight is to make sure you’re comfortable on board. Remember you won’t have a lot of leg or elbow room so make the most of your space.

Time for Some Sleep

If you have a long flight or one that is normally when you are asleep, catch up while you are on board.

  • Pack your favorite sleep mask.
  • Do you like to sleep with music, but hate the wire when you try to sleep? These wireless earbuds from Bragi fix that.
  • Wear shoes you can slip off and replace with spa socks to give your feet a needed lift in the air.

Bring the Essentials, Not Your Closet

These are the items you want to pack on the bottom of your bag. Remember to pack them as tight as possible to avoid wrinkles when you arrive.

  • Choose a suitcase like the Genius Pack 22-inch Carry-On Spinner to save room by compressing dirty clothes.
  • Save room by packing ballet flats.
  • Use small ziplock or mesh bags to pack undergarments.
  • Pack outfits that you can mix and match. Don’t be afraid to do laundry on the road. Use a couple of accessories to create day and night looks. Roll your outfits and use rubber bands to secure them to create more room.
  • Pack a travel cosmetics bag like the Orgo with travel size items only. The full-size items are too large and do not meet the 3-1-1 liquid rule from the TSA.
  • If you only have full-size items, use travel bottles. They save room and meet the rules.

Don’t Forget About Your Small Personal Item

While the majority of your things are in your main carry-on bag, many airlines also allow you to bring a small personal item. Use a tote bag as your personal item to keep everything you need handy. Save room in your carry on by adding a small purse to the bottom of the tote.

  • Put your in-flight entertainment in this bag. Ebooks save room while letting you catch up in a quiet environment.
  • Cords are must, organize them before you leave.

Before you start packing for your carry-on adventure, check with your airline about their restrictions. Wear a light jacket the day of your flight for added space for your phone and ID, and it’s also a quick pillow. If you have any questions about what to pack and what to leave home, contact us before your next flight.