Gentlemen, as long as your next adventure does not call for months away from home, you can get on a plane with one bag and avoid baggage fees. If you have not flown in a while or just need a refresher since you’re flying alone, check out this list we compiled:

Know the Rules Before You Pack

There are some restrictions that you need to understand before packing your bag.

Once You Reach Cruising Altitude

The fun part of a carry on bag is once you reach cruising altitude. Make sure you pack these items at the top of your bag to avoid blocking the narrow aisle as you dig through your bag.

  • The Airhook. This is a brand new travel gadget that allows you to stay steady, no tray table needed.
  • A travel pack of cleaning wipes. You never know when something will spill. Heads up baby wipes also serve as a good stain remover.
  • In-flight entertainment options. These will include but are not limited to a book, your laptop, all your chargers, and any work you need to do in flight. Keep in mind you will need to remove your laptop from the bag before you clear security. It has to be put in its own bin for scanning.
  • Solar phone charger. If you are going to be onboard a while, save your portable charger and let the sun do the work.
  • Cord wrap. There isn’t a lot of elbow room on most planes. Get a piece of velcro that will help keep your cords under control.
  • Portable charger for your cell phone. This charger is so small you can even put it in your jacket pocket for quicker access.

Relax, You’re Going to be Here A While

Get some sleep during your flight. It will help ward off jetlag when you land.

  • Travel size pillow.
  • A travel blanket. If you don’t have space, wear a comfortable jacket on board that can double as your blanket.
  • Noise canceling headphones. These should be towards the top so you can use them with your in-flight entertainment.

The Just in Case Section

The first items to put in your bag are just in case items. These are items that can save your sanity if your checked bag lands somewhere you don’t. This is also the area where you can pack your clothes if you are doing a one bag trip.

  • Medicines. Take all medicine all board with you to avoid problems with temperature change or lost bags.
  • A new outfit.
  • Small toiletries, keep the rules in mind. Move this bag towards the top if you are going right to work after you arrive.

Whatever You Do Don’t Pack These

There are some things that no matter what should never be in your carry on bag.

  • Your cellphone.
  • Your wallet. You will need your ID and cash in the airport.
  • Your passport. If you are traveling overseas, keep this on your person.
  • A lightweight jacket. Keep this out of your bag to stay warm on board. It can also double as a pillow or blanket and save much-needed space in your small bag.

There are a variety of bags on the market, choose the bag and the strategies that fit your trip. Pack at least one full day before you leave to ensure you don’t forget anything and have enough time to purchase any missing items.