Estimate the Actual Costs of Traveling

Planning a trip and torn between flying and driving? Gone are the days of just guessing about travel expenses! TravelMath estimates the actual costs of traveling, allowing you more control over your budget. How does it work?

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Realistic Costs

Often when trying to drive or fly to a destination we can experience sticker shock at the cost of the flight and immediately declare that it would be cheaper to drive. TravelMath quickly can tell you what you will spend on fuel one-way and round trip and is easy to personalize. After entering your beginning and ending locations, a breakdown of costs quickly appears, as well as the cost. Only use premium fuel in your prized vehicle? Easily change between regular, mid-grade and premium fuel, as well as, enter your car’s average gas mileage.

Finding flight costs is just as simple by entering your beginning and end destinations and getting the best-estimated cost of flying. However, TravelMath doesn’t stop there.

Fly or Drive Score 

There are always extra expenses when travelling, so why guess when it can be estimated for you? TravelMath provides you a breakdown of costs regarding flying versus driving using the following factors:

  • Ticket cost
  • Fuel cost
  • Wear and tear on vehicle costs
  • Distance
  • Travel time

The detailed breakdown even estimates travel times to and from airports and estimated check-in and wait times at the airport. For those taking time off from work for travel, TravelMath can estimate your loss of wages into the calculation when determining the most affordable way to travel.

TravelMath is a useful innovation in travel planning that is worth checking out. Contact us and let us know about your experiences with TravelMath and estimating the cost of your next business trip or vacation.

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