In early May, Westin Hotels & Resorts, a subsidiary of Starwood Hotels & Resorts, released a study on honeymoon trends in North America. The study revealed several major trends for newlyweds taking honeymoons from United States and Canada.

1. Honeymooners are staying closer to home than they did five years ago. Approximately 75% of newlyweds honeymooned in Canada or the United States in the last five years, with travel to Europe decreasing by approximately 50%. Travel to Canada has tripled and travel to the American West has quadrupled among North American newlyweds in the last five years.

2. More honeymooners are seeking adventure destinations where they can get their adrenaline running. In the last five years, newlyweds are one and half times more likely to seek the outdoors and two times more likely to take a skiing trip during the winter months.

3. In recent years, newlyweds have been far more likely to visit more than one destination on their trip, effectively jamming more destinations into less time. In fact, 70% of honeymooners visit at least two destinations in a ten-day period. This number increased from 35% five years ago.

4. Newlyweds are conscious of a healthy lifestyle and are more interested in healthy experiences than they were five years ago. Couples are a little more than one and half times more interested in running on their honeymoon; one and half times more interested in hiking and climbing on their honeymoon; and, one and half times more interested in making healthy food choices. About 44% of couples wished to be even more active if they could redo their honeymoon.