There are a TON of travel itinerary apps out there – but one this month is standing out from the rest. Pana, 2016 winner of the TUMixWired Innovation in Travel Awards, efficiently organizes all of your travel plans in one place (instantly). Try not to judge their video (below) too harshly – especially when it comes to the ending – this is a pretty decent app – and its FREE…

By simply connecting your email box, Pana pieces together your travel bookings—gathering flights, hotels restaurants, car rentals, activities, conferences and events and creates a summary itinerary. Something you can collaborate and share with colleagues, friends and family.

Side-Note – In app purchase / upgrade: For $49/mo you can access Pana Concierge where they will assist you 1 on 1, 24/7 as your travel assistant—helping you book, rebook if something goes wrong and assist in researching flights, hotels and car rentals based on your set preferences.

Download Pana here: